Project Overview

This project was a start from scratch build of an open-air beachside restaurant. The floor was a reinforced 6 inch concrete slab, with pigmented finish and the remaining structure was of wood beam and rafter construction. The interior partition walls for the kitchen and office were constructed using hollow blocks finished with a cement parging. Roof was of native Nipa panels.

Construction time was approximately 2 months and structure footprint was about 125 square meters. Overall finished cost including built on site furnishing was roughly 850,000 pesos.



Location: Negros
Surface Area: 125sqm
Completed: 2015
Value: P850,000



"I trust DPX because of their overqualified people and even when I'm away most of the time during the construction they made me feel secure that everything is doing good and done."  

Margriet and Wilhelm

“The company truly guided us through the whole process of leasing the property as well as the construction and the engineers and design staff were very cooperative and open to western architectural style and concepts.”

Paul Adair

I would recommend your business to anyone looking to move to Negros. You took very good care of us during the selection of our lot.  The positioning of our house was perfect.  The design of our house was very thorough as far as what we wanted.  Any changes were addressed in a timely fashion.
 Thanks again for completing our house

Peter Walton – Metro Dumaguete Estates

Being in the development business, we needed a first rate contractor who could handle phases of our projects. Dumaguete PhilX Condev stepped in and has professionally handled all our work from design and permitting to all aspects of construction. Very reliable, top quality work and excellent communication and transparency. These guys are winners!
Dumaguete PhilX Condev

Gou Jie

With the help of Gordon and Shirley, we were able to secure a beautiful beachfront lot in Larena, Siquijor to realize my lifelong dream of owning and operating a resort. After the sale was complete, the team at Dumaguete PhilX Condev took over, designing and then building my dream. I am very happy with the professional service and top quality. Thanks for everything, and you guys are welcome at my resort anytime. Jie
Dumaguete PhilX Condev

R. D. **

**(full name and contact info available upon request) When I first arrived in Dumaguete, and decided to build a home here, I had no idea how to make it happen. Fortunately, a friend referred me to Gord McKissock. Gord and his team at Negros Construction guided me through the design process, and when we had a design I was happy with, they took it from there, from working with with local government agencies to get the appropriate permits,  through the actual construction of the house, inspections, and even getting water and electrical service started. During construction, they kept me informed on project progress. Post-construction, they stayed in touch, and when a few minor fixes were required, they honored their warranty to the letter. This was the first time I had built a house from bare ground, and Negros Construction made it possible, giving me a great home at a fair price.
Dumaguete PhilX Condev

Jock Noble

I have worked with Gordon McKissock and his team at Philx over the last 18 months. In the first instance Gordon and his wife Shirley helped us find a block of land. We had been looking for 6 months and Gordon finally found just what we had been searching for. He facilitated the purchase then helped us gain the title through the bureaucracy supporting us to do our part along the way. We wanted to build a cottage and Gordon’s designer presented us with a range of options and we worked with Gordon to get a balance between quality and practical living at a start to finish price that we found very reasonable. At every point Gordon was completely transparent with the material costs and pricing and we were pleased to pay a little more knowing exactly what we were getting and that Gordon was checking to make sure we got what we paid for, both in terms of materials and in construction. As with any building project some unexpected elements arose along the way and we also wanted to change a few design elements. Gordon was always accommodating and the prices for extras were transparent and very reasonable. The experience we had with the house construction meant that we didn’t consider other contractors when it came to site development and the construction of walls, gates and fences. On a 1600 square meter block this is a large project and Gordon and his team have again delivered, on time and within budget. I have absolutely no reservations providing a recommendation to Gordon as a man who is trustworthy. A man with a breadth or building and construction expertise, who does what he says and delivers what he commits to.
Dumaguete PhilX Condev

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