Project Description

This Sibulan House Renovation involves the addition of a second story on to an existing 1 story structure, complete with exterior remodeling and first floor upgrades.


Role:Project Management
Client:The Woodard Family
Location:Sibulan, Negros Oriental
Surface Area:400 sqm
Year Completed:In Progress
Value:5-6 million
Consultant:Reynaldo Katada

Project Overview

A conversion from a one story classic style bungalow into a Modernistic 2 story house.

Sibulan House Renovation

This Sibulan house renovation came about when a man purchased a house sight unseen and when visiting it for the first time found that it just did not suit him. Though disappointed about the style, he and his family fell in love with the location and absolutely stunning view. Instead of walking away, he decided to explore the possibility that the house could be remodeled into his dream home.

To start, the client forwarded to us numerous photo examples of what his vision was for this property and we set about researching whether it was all possible.

The biggest change desired by the client was the addition of a second story on to the existing first story structure. In order to do this there would be an increase in load on the existing structure, so before we could go further it was necessary to employ a structural engineer to calculate what would needed to be done to support the added weight. Luckily, we had a copy of the ooriginal drawings for the Engineer to work from, then he had to do an on-site inspection to ensure that the as built conditions coincided with the plans. This was confirmed and the Engineer was able to give us a broad outline of what would be needed to beef up the existing structure to suit the new story story. The calculated costs and extent of the work led us to the conclusion that this addition was possible within a minimal cost structure.

Now confident of the project’s viability, we set to the task of design. At this stage we sat down with our design team headed by Reynaldo Katada, and when over the clients vision , referring to the numerous photos he sent to us as examples of what he was looking for.

After the client saw Rey’s tentative designs and gave the thumbs up, we  sat down with the client and his wife in front of the design computer and worked through tweaking the designs to come up with a final plan the customer was happy with.

We then discussed scheduling and budget pricing and it was decided that the first phase would involve the remodeling of the existing ground floor to provide a high end large en suite washroom, while also doing the necessary structural work to support the main renovation of adding the second story.

A firm price was estimated for the first phase, a contract signed and now the process is underway for project start-up.

Proposed Second Story Addition Renderings

Existing 1 Story Structure