Founder of DPX

As a full service construction management/property development organization, Dumaguete PhilX Construction and Development serves large and small scale commercial, light industrial and multi-family residential construction projects within the province of Negros Oriental and adjacent provinces. With our team of licensed real estate brokers, experienced general managers, engineering and design professionals, we facilitate a full ‘design-build’ service and execute specific technical requirements within the development process.

Launched in 2014, our focus on design creativity and our dynamic approach to construction attract a diverse set of light industrial, commercial, and residential clients. Dumaguete PhilX Construction and Development is a relationship-focused builder, committed to superior quality, with excellence, trust, and respect at the core of our conduct in every transaction.


We’ve realized that the best ideas are nurtured and that great client satisfaction is achieved through collaborating with existing and potential customers. DPX has, through the years, developed an authentic consideration for our clientele’s needs and preferences, building a relationship first to guarantee enhanced understanding of the projects’ requirements.

Responsiveness, transparency, and accountability are the continuing goals of DPX, where our team supports the customer throughout the process with timely answers and updates on a project’s progress.

Creativity And Professionalism Combined

At the core of Dumaguete PhilX is a team of competent, creative, and resourceful professionals, committed to novel mindsets, cutting-edge insights, and a driven approach to development. This combination of passion and proven capability yields innovative concepts and ingenious approaches for commercial, light industrial and multiple family residential buildings. Our appetite for excellence and customer satisfaction are unmistakably visible in our work at every stage of the process.

The reputation we have built stems from our genuine involvement with clients, innovative construction project designs and a determination to complete projects on time and on budget.

Behind DPX

Dumaguete PhilX Construction and Development highlights diversity of skills and abilities delivered through a collaborative approach with designers and owners, integrated into one buoyant and vigorous organization. Borderless and capable, PhilX is about delivering construction management and property development services with the finest quality and high customer value in mind. Each project is collaboration with our clients, facilitating the progression — from idea until project completion — in a convenient and positive manner.