Property development

Strategic property development can create very attractive returns on investment capital. Perhaps you are looking for a long term real estate investment through rental property, or are planning on a shorter time frame for a return on your investment. Either way, PhilX can help.

Our first task is to locate suitable property that fits with your intended purchase price while also accommodating your project objectives. We will then complete a feasibility study that includes marketability, budget costs, projected returns on investment and projected cash flow. Assuming you still want to proceed, we will assist with the purchase while also referring you, if required, to a suitable real estate attorney.

After that, the responsibility of our construction management division is to ensure the project build stage is proceeding as planned, remains within budget, and ensuring quality construction is being maintained.

After the building project has been completed, our Real Estate marketing division will be responsible for ensuring your intended ROI is achieved. They are able to do that because they have their fingers on the pulse of the marketplace. That ensures your units are sold or rented efficiently and profitably.

By now you are aware we have a comprehensive range of professional services that covers every aspect of your property development needs. Instead of you needing to search for several suitable companies to work for you, the efficiency we offer allows you to maximize the potential of your investment under the protection of one safe, trusted company.