Now that the house is complete and the clients occupying it, they have decided that the next phases of development will be site upgrades including wall and fencing. The existing fencing on the North boundary beside the road, consisted of precast cement posts, a knee high cement hollow block wall, topped with chain link fencing. Our plan is to remove the posts and chain link as carefully as possible so as to cause minimal damage to the chb wall, then pour new column footings and reinforced concrete columns. New chb will be added adjacent to the columns and tied into both the existing chb wall as well as the columns. Then new blocks will be added over the entire sections between columns to a finished height of approximately 2.2 meters. On top of all this, there will be steel spike strips fabricated and installed to guard against casual intrusion over the wall.

On the South boundary, the existing fencing again was similar and the new fencing will be something likewise to the North, however instead of adding more hollow block, the top portion of the fence will consist of chain link.

On the Lower end of the property, the east boundary, the existing post and wire fencing will be completely removed and a new wall constructed to an elevation of appropriately 2.2 meters. This wall will match the finish composition of the North wall.