Construction-ManagementAs your Construction managers, PhilX will oversee all aspects of the construction process. Whether you use our in house design team or have your own plans, we will first provide you with a fully comprehensive and detailed budget estimate and scheduling spreadsheets and , oversee the permitting process , negotiate with suppliers, order materials and hire and supervise competent sub-trades and workmen.

Our administrative support staff will keep accurate records of both financial data as well as step by step project progress and provide all to the client in understandable reports. On site, our supervisory staff will ensure that all construction is overseen and co-ordinated so that the job gets done right the first time without costly errors and delays.

Our fee structures are flexible and are based either on a percentage of the costof the project or a fee per square meter of the build.


  1. Hello!
    I am Stein Oserod, living on the beach in Dauin (next but one property away from Atlantis Resort, on the southern side). Adjacent to our property (not on the beach) I have a block of land, a bit more than 1000 sqm (about 20m x 50m) and am interested to see if I can build some rental units there. Am thinking of 6 units to begin with, plus 6 later, if the project is successful. The building would be 2 stories, ground floor unit and top floor unit, all of them about 50 sqm, 1 or 2 bedrooms. The tennants will have access to the beach through our property and some common areas will be made available. Please contact me. Best regards! Stein

    1. Hi Stein. I will send you an email at


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