We started by laying out the different buildings with the help of our surveyor Josh Cabio. When we knew where everything was going we began demolishing the existing structures that were going to be in the way. We left 2 structures that were built on top of water reservoirs so that we would still be able to store enough water on site during construction.

We then ran into a little bit of a problem with site access. With rainy season upon us we found that the entrance way was sometime flooded restricting access of our trucks for material deliveries. We built a reinforced concrete bridge over top of a culvert and also excavated proper drainage canals to diver the water from the site.

With proper access now possible, we started excavation of the first two cottages at the farthest end of the property. After excavation, we proceeded to construct the structural footings for the columns and walls. After pouring our footings we then began construction of concrete hollow block walls, leaving spaces at our column locations. Once the walls were high enough, we blocked off forms to pour our columns, leaving enough rebar exposed to tie in the reinforcing steel to our roof beams.

With all the columns and beams completed, we started to deliver our mahogany to construct our roof framing. While doing the roof framing, our masons continued on with the rendering over top of the CHB walls.

Comfortable that the first 2 cottages were progressing properly we started the process now with the 3rd cottage, which there was just enough room to do without demolishing the existing building with the water reservoir. While building the walls , columns and beams of the 3rd building, we finished layout of the electrical conduits and plumbing pipes for the first 2, then began preparing the 10mm steel reinforcing mat for the floors. After complete we then poured the floor slab on grade. During all this, we also began the roofing on the first cottage. This roofing consists of site manufactured nipa, tied together with nylon.

Concurrently, we also worked on site services which included an internet tower supplied and installed by our IT partners Airlinks, running lines from the Barangay water source and installing power poles to the highway where we would pick up electrical feed from Prosielco