Spectacular Modern Home Build

For us, this modern home build was a once in a lifetime opportunity which we are glad we were a part of. The size of the build was definitely are biggest one to date, but the real test was the level of the finishing that this high end client expected. To be honest, we certainly had some glitches and many challenges, big and small, along the way, but as proof to our determination, professionalism and regard for customer satisfaction, we finished this home build to a quality level we are extremely proud of .

A little over 2 years form the start of construction, the client is moved in and enjoying their dream home!

If you have dreams about building your own new home, (and it does not need to be this big lol) , we at Dumaguete PhilX Condev would be extremely pleased to have the opportunity to work with you.

We also operate a cabinet comapny as well as a solar company, so if you have those needs, do not hesitate to contact us today!

Dumaguete Kitchen Cabinets – https://dumaguetekitchencabinets.com/

DPX Solar – https://dpxsolar.com/

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