Dumaguete Home Renovation

Very rarely do you find an existing home here in Dumaguete that is priced right to make a home renovation economically viable. Typically, they are either priced the same as a newer home or are so messed up structurally and layout wise, that you might as well either buy an existing house, or start construction from scratch. In this instance, the bosses of DPX Construction, Gord and Shirley just happened to get lucky. Shirley, being the managing partner and head licensed broker of our sister company, PhilX Support Services, is well placed to see and identify the best deals that are out there. In this case, once Gord saw the property, he saw its potential to be something spectacular, so they jumped on it and made it their own potentially personal home renovation project.

Structurally sound, but far from what they would consider their own preferred style, they made the decision to totally gut the existing house and start the home renovation from the shell out. A new floor plan was made which opened up rooms to make the interior common areas larger and  the second floor over main living area on the ground floor was knocked out creating a two story cathedral height ceiling which added to the feelings of wide open space and natural lighting.

The bedroom area was reconfigured to have a large master en-suite bathroom, a huge walk-in closet and a walk out terrace with a Jacuzzi hot tub. In the end , the master suite accounted for approximately 3/4 of the upstairs floor area, but their was still enough room left over for a second guest bedroom which also serves as Shirley’s home office complete with a shade sailed terrace which is now home to their billiards table.

The ground floor was large enough to make two living areas, one for the entertainment system and one for lounging or reading a good book.. The dining room was “open concept” and placed underneath the catwalk on the second floor between the stairs and main landing.

Still with plenty of room to work with on the ground floor of this home renovation, the kitchen was again open style but segregated from the dining area by the staircase and included an island and also a quartz nook counter where they could sit on stools and having casual meals when a more formal dining setting was not to their liking. All the cabinets were modular, constructed by our cabinets division, Dumaguete Kitchen Cabinets, and were finished in a modern style with built in appliances.

Even after all this there was plenty of room left over which was turned into a third large bedroom, (currently serving as their home gym), a common 3 piece comfort room and a maid’s quarters with dirty kitchen.

The end result of this home renovation project was nothing short of spectacular and also ended up increasing the value of the property two fold after accounting for the money spent. the bosses, Gord and Shirley Mckissock now get a beautiful home to go home to everyday after many long hard hours in the office.

So, Whether you are considering building a new home, or whether you want to explore the idea of an existing home renovation, The strong and dynamic team at Dumaguete PhilX Condev is here and ready to help with any and all construction projects.

Contact us to begin with rather than after you find yourself in hot water with some other builder that is unable to execute your dreams properly.


Before Home Renovation

After Home Renovation