The clients need to vacate their leased premises by the end of December, so we are on a tight timetable to get their initial living quartes finished quickly. We are construction a 1 room traditional Nipa hut, however this is not going to be a shack. The intention is that after the main house is ready, this nipa hut will be used as guest quarters. With that in mind, all aspects of this simple Nipa Hut are upgraded. We are using Laun , termite resistant wood, and treating all wood and bambo with a solignum coating for further protection. As well, since we are on the ocean front, all nails used will be of stainless steel. Though simple, this Nipa Hut will last far longer than most native houses. Also part of this structure will be a simple washroom with the walls made of concrete hollow block, parged, then painted.