Structural Shell Nearing Completion

Planning Our Upcoming Tradesman Scheduling

Over the past month, our Valencia construction project has progressed nicely and is pretty well on schedule. The Columns and beams are about 95% complete and as we have been building the structure, we have had other members of our construction crew, working on the walls.

We estimate the major portion of structural and wall construction phases will be completed within the next 2 weeks but completing the shell will be delayed due to a holdup in the roof truss construction. There has been problems obtaining the necessary Noreco Electrical service, which will be required to run our welder needed for the fabrication of the truss and rafter members. Getting the Electrical power source hooked up has been an ongoing exercise in frustration due to their inability to provide proper details and guidelines as to what they expect from our end. It should be noted that it seems apparent from our experiences that the Noreco requirements vary from municipality to municipality, and Valencia is definitely been more complicated than when we have worked in other locations. In the end, there has been no use getting worked up with the delays, and just take our experiences as a learning process for future projects in Valencia.

Beyond this issue getting power, all else seems to be going as planned and construction progressing at an acceptable rate. Besides our focus to be shifted to the roof as soon as we have power for our welder, we will start planning for the floor slab. It will be necessary to get our plumber and electrician involved now so that any roughing required will be done before the floor slab is poured. We have also had to look at other phases of the construction for which materials will need to be ordered soon to prevent delivery delays. One such potential issue is doors. Our door supplier only receives shipments once a month and all orders for that shipment need to be placed 30 days prior. As for the windows, our supplier does not need a long leed time and will meausure as built openings on site when ready after which he will be on site within 7 days installing the finished product.

Stay tuned for our next Valencia Construction project update in the coming weeks