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Dauin Bungalow Completed

dauin bungalow construction

Dauin Bungalow This small but efficient 2 bedroom bungalow was recently turned over to a very happy couple. It is one of our stock home designs for people who want something a little bit more, even though they are on a budget. At less than 3.5 million pesos, this 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom house fit […]

Construction Contract Process

construction contract

The Construction Contract Process Sign up for the PhilX Group newletter The Construction contract process, just like the design and estimating stage, is extremely important in order to clearly set out what is expected of both parties. As the construction contract should include a firm price as well as the detailed drawings and scope of […]

The Construction Estimate Process

construction estimate

The Construction Estimate Process Sign up for the PhilX Group newletter So you are thinking about a new home and you need to get a construction estimate, whether simply for budgeting purposes or for negotiating a firm price contract. The big question will be whether it is going to be accurate, because if you are […]