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Spectacular Modern Home Build

modern home build form DPX

Spectacular Modern Home Build For us, this modern home build was a once in a lifetime opportunity which we are glad we were a part of. The size of the build was definitely are biggest one to date, but the real test was the level of the finishing that this high end client expected. To […]

Dumaguete Spectacular Home Renovation

dumaguete home renovation

Dumaguete Home Renovation Very rarely do you find an existing home here in Dumaguete that is priced right to make a home renovation economically viable. Typically, they are either priced the same as a newer home or are so messed up structurally and layout wise, that you might as well either buy an existing house, […]

Bungalow Home Construction With a view

home with a view in dauin

Completed New Home Construction This great home boasts a spectacular view and a house designed to maximize it. Built in MDEI’s Tunga Tunga community, it is a 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom bungalow with a bank of floor to ceiling windows in the living room and master bedroom, overlooking Apo island and the Mindanao Sea. This […]

A Southwestern Bungalow With Expansive Roof Deck

southwestern style bungalow construction

Bungalow Construction Project This is a beautiful southwestern style bungalow was designed to maximize the spectacular view of The Tanon Strait, Cebu Island and Sumilon. Sitting on the edge of an embankment, there is a large rear terrace and a full, tiled roof deck  to give the homeowners a vista that is second to none. […]

Single Story House With Beautiful Roof Deck

home construction with roof deck

House With Roof Deck Another house turned over to our clients. This home was built in MDEI’s Tunga Tunga community with a great view of The Mindanao Sea and Siquijor Island. To maximize the natural beauty afforded by the overlooking views, the design included a roof deck and floor to ceiling rear windows. It comes […]

Valencia Home Construction Finish

valencia home construction

Valencia Home Construction We completed this 3 bedroom Valencia home construction several months ago and turned it over to some very happy clients. Set on a 500 square meter lot just minutes from downtown, the in house design made efficient use of the available space. The home was rounded off with 2 bathrooms, a large […]

Another Successful Home Construction Turnover

home construction

Home Construction Turnover Another home construction complete in the beautiful Tunga Tunga community on the hillside of Dauin. This client was fortunate to have the best lot in the whole project and our design team did an amazing job of taking full advantage of the property’s natural wonders. Right on the South Eat corner of […]

Completion of A 2 Story 2 Bedroom Home

2 story home construction

2 Bedroom Home This Recent Turnover of a finished 2 story, 2 bedroom home in the Dauin community of Tunga Tunga, brought a smile to our face when we saw how satisfied the clients were. This Italian and Filipina couple were looking for something with the WOW factor, and they got exactly that. downstairs, the […]

Dauin Bungalow Completed

dauin bungalow construction

Dauin Bungalow This small but efficient 2 bedroom bungalow was recently turned over to a very happy couple. It is one of our stock home designs for people who want something a little bit more, even though they are on a budget. At less than 3.5 million pesos, this 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom house fit […]

Change Order

construction change order

Construction Change Order As soon as the term change order is mentioned,  both the contractor and the client tend to shudder. For the client, typically the first thing that will come to mind is increased costs, but for the contractor, he will typically view it as increased administrative work and project delays. In reality, this […]