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2 Bedroom native hybrid home with loft


This 2 bedroom native style home makes maximum use of interior space with the use of a loft bedroom over the first floor washroom and bedroom. This loft is accessed up a spiral staircase and across an overlooking catwalk. With the high cathedral ceiling design and half the home finished with sliding glass windows, there will never be a closed in feeling. Made of all native materials except cement flooring and hollow block walls around the washroom. Hardwood and bamboo used will all be carefully and thoroughly treated with an insect repelling coating to maximize life span.



 Floor Area – 81 sqm (including outside terrace)

Price – 1,850,000 php

Turnover Condition – Shell (owner to customize finishing)

  • Tiles/Flooring extra (Cement floor brought to semi-rough finish)
  • Plumbing and Electrical Fixtures Extra
  • Paint to be white base coat primer
  • A/C included
  • Basic site grading included
  • Landscaping and Fencing Extra

All design can be further customized by our in-house design staff to satisfy specific requirements

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