2 Story Home With Guest House

This 2 story home and guest house started off as a spec home for our sister company, Metro Dumaguete Estates, however about 1/3 of the way in, it was purchased by a retired American and his Filipino wife. When they made the purchase, their personal tastes and needs dictated numerous changes, which we were pleased to work through with them.

Rather than having a pool, they decided to put more money into an expanded guest house building. Initially this structure was designed simply as a garage and alfresco patio, however they wanted additional rooms for guests and family. We ended up doing a major rework of this structure and adding 2 bedrooms, while maintaining the terrace and the garage.

On the main house, it was fortunate we had not got to the finishing stages by the time of purchase, so the proud new owners were able to choose their own tiles, cabinets, paint colors as well as plumbing and electrical fixtures. As the clients were currently living fairly close to Cebu, we sent our chief procurement officer, Architect Jessica, to co-ordinate choices and delivery from suppliers in Cebu, where choices are far more plentiful than in Dumaguete.

One of the other major changes was an upgrade from aluminum to Upvc windows. This change was a substantially cost increase, but it is one that should be consider money well spent.Upvc windows are far superior, last longer and bring added value to a house investment.

We were originally slated to to turn over this project several months ago, however lock-downs and supply chain challenges due to the pervasive Covid 19 pandemic, did cause some delays. though we were able to keep some forward momentum, the challenges did delay us several months.

Currently we are about 99% complete with construction of the main home construction, and about 90% complete with the guest home.

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