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“Your Dream Realized” – Randal and Paula Gunn

July 12, 2019, Philx Group, Negros Construction, Quality and wester designed construction service in Dumaguete City.

This happy couple got the perfect property as well as the quality building with the help of Metro Dumaguete Estates and Negros Construction and they just moved into their new home at the top of plateaus of Sibulan, Negros Oriental.

But before they got the dream home they want; they’ve been through some circumstances such as looking for a trustworthy and quality construction company who would put up their house, looking for land with a clean title and other errands that most of the foreigners faced while doing the process of settling in the Philippines.

Luckily these two found help with the PhilX Group, considered as a one-stop shop for foreign expats in terms of building modern houses and any other construction works, real estate, solar, and other interior needs such as cabinets. The Gunn’s was guided by the team, from processing the papers of the property going down to the planning, designing, and the whole setting up process of the house. According to Randal, Gordon Mckissock head of all the operation team became very transparent, accommodating, and very upfront in saying ” this is what we can do, and will directly deliver it to you plus the team is very nice in giving us options and pieces of advice.”

So, along their selection process, they decided to commit to Negros Construction and Metro Dumaguete Estates, “We’re impressed on how they listen to our needs and making sure that they are not only building us a house but a home that we can stay long term.” And as the house was finished, we would say that this company the PhilX Group is worth recommending especially to foreign expats like us because they know how to cater their customers in a westernized manner.