Since our last update in October, a lot has happened.

Interior finishing has been ongoing including kitchen cabinets, granite counter tops, tile backsplash and decorative wood beams on the suspended ceiling, all in conjunction with sanding and painting.

On the exterior we have been working on the stone cladding, painting, terrace tiles and pebble finish.

After the painting is complete and tiles all installed, the next thing we do is put in the windows. these windows and sliding doors are a special order of UPVC frames from a company called Uber and Konstruct , based in Manila. At the same time, our Air Conditioning constractor is installing 2 split type inverter units , in the bedroom and main living area.

Finishing touches are being done on cabinets (kitchen and bedroom), doors stained and hung, plumbing and electrical fixtures installed, then a major cleanup is done and clients furniture and appliances are moved in.