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After excavation, it is time to prepare and install the steel reinforing rod for the footing ,columns and tie beams. Being a 2 story structure on sandy soil , we use 16 mm rebar for everything to ensure no settlement of the house and potential cracks in either the structural elements or the walls. Once all the steel is in place, we then pour the cement for the footing. After that is set, we then build the forms for the columns that will be below grade. Next pour the cement concrete columns and after set, remove those forms..

Our next operation is to prepare all the plumbing and electrical which is will be within the columns. We get this roughing done, while our masons are setting the first few rows of concrete hollow block below grade on top of the tie beams. Once above finish grade level, our men start backfilling and compacting the interior space.

With the back fill and compaction complete, we then start the reinforcement for the greound floor slab on grade, which will consist of 10mm rebar in both directions. Our men make sure this matting is propped up, or raised off the gravel bed to allow cement to work underneath when poured, totally enmeshing the steel from the bottom. When the matting is laid, our plumber and electrician make sure any necessary roughing of pipes or conduits is complete. We then pour the cement for the ground floor slab.

After the ground floor slab is poured, we then begin with the ground floor columns, making sure all electrical and plumbing pipes and conduits are installed within the rebar frames before construction the forms. After we have stripped the forms, our masons continue their work constructing the chb walls of the first floor.

Now that we have all our first floor columns up, we begin the preparatory work for the second floor. this means construction the steel reinforcement for the beams, the building a bottom form for the second floor slab. Once this form is done, the we prepare the steel matting which will be 2 layers of 12 mm rebar. With the matting complete, we start laying out all the pipes and conduits that will be running in the floor. After everything is formed up, and a last check done, we prepare for the crucial job of pouring the second floor suspended slab, which we will wan to get done in one day to avoid cold joints in the cement.