Our New Dumaguete Construction Projects

Over the past 2 months, we have started numerous Dumaguete home construction projects, which is surprising considering the widespread sense of upheaval the Covid 19 pandemic has instilled in the worldwide populace. Without getting into why we feel the market is good locally (which you can read about in more detail here), we of course cannot look a gift horse in the mouth. Rather than pull our corporate wings in, we have gone in the opposite direction and geared up to take on an increasing volume of work, while maintaining our attention to quality, efficiency and top level service to valued customers.

Let me share with you a few of the new projects we have most recently started.

dumaguete home construction projects sibulan

Single family home construction in Ajong, Sibulan.

This home is a three bedroom, two story modern, modern style home located in the Kalma Bukid community overlooking the ocean and valleys in the Negros Oriental coastal range. At over 200 square meters of floor space, it will be home to an American retiree with a Filipina wife, her family and their young child. Construction is scheduled to last approximately 10-11 months.

dumaguete home construction projects downtown bacong

Single family home construction in downtown Bacong

This home is a 2 bedroom, one and a half story home in a more traditional Filipino-American style. Sitting on a 700 square meter fenced lot, it is an ideal design providing for lots of exterior covered living area and we can picture our clients spending relaxing afternoons outside while puttering around in the garden. this home is for another American retiree with a Filipina wife and small children. Construction is scheduled to last 8-10 months

dumaguete home construction projects bacong countryside

Single family home in the Bacong countryside

This project consists of both the main 3 bedroom house and another 3 bedroom house which will be used for family, guests and caretaker. The lot it is to be built on sloes at the rear and overlooks a dry creak bed and rolling hills. We have designed the main house to take maximum advantage of this natural feature, with the split level elevations and walk out terraces. This home is also for an American with a Filina wife who will use this as his second home in The Philippines until they retire and move here full time. Construction is scheduled to be ongoing for 10-12 months.

dumaguete home construction projects tunga tunga dauinSingle Family home in Tunga Tunga, Dauin

This quaint and cozy native hybrid house is one of our stock models. It is situated on a beautiful 500+ square meter lot in Metro Dumaguete Estates Tunga Tunga phase 1 community. Taking advantage of a spectacular sea view, the whole rear of the house is glass. The interior is modest, but quaint and will be finished in a native type style. Our clients are a retired British expat with a Filipina wife, and house construction is scheduled to last approximately 7-8 months.

With these new projects just now breaking ground, our site crews will be expanding, kept busy and employed during the covid 19 pandemic, while many other companies are scaling back operations. We feel part of that is due to our very detailed and accommodating design process, which you can read about here.