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Our business has experienced tremendous growth and success in the past eighteen months , however with that success, comes challenges. We have grown our business on high quality builds and exemplary customer service and we need to maintain those qualities regardless of the increase in demand for our services.

We are currently entertaining offers  for an active partner who will take on the role of operations manager, and feel that some one with “skin in the game” will be required to ensure a long term commitment to the business and it goals.

Company Overview

We are a mid sized construction contractor employing directly and indirectly between 100 and 150 people, with a fully staffed in house design team. Are clients are mainly westerners who we work with from the design stage to turnover and focus on home, rental units and resort construction. We operate as a legally incorporated entity with full compliance to all government regulations. Initially we operated as a division of PhilX Support Service Corp, however recently we spun off the construction division into an independent entity named Dumaguete PhilX ConDev Corp and will operate as a licensed contractor. It is our long term goal to focus more on the development side and to that end have made key joint venture agreements with landowners to act as development partners building spec homes for sale.

Skills Required

  • quantity surveying
  • extensive knowledge of construction technology
  • operational management of staff
  • computer literate
***References and proof of financial ability for investment will be required***

Full accounting disclosure will be made available to serious and financially capable candidates.





  1. Do you ever need a partner for the interior design/work of your projects? I’m a hobby wood worker with considerable investment made on quality tools for woodworking. Although not an expert wood worker yet, I do have a strong interest for woodworking and back up by quality tools to make better products . Kitchen cabinet doors, main door/entrance, tables&chairs are some of the items I have tried building. Not many but not too bad either.


    Caveat: I just recently return to employment but my intention is to go serious with woodworking once employment is no longer of interest to me. Regards

    1. Hi angelo. I would be interested in talking with you


  2. Dear Gord,
    I would like to talk to you in the next few weeks.
    Please first text your number to mine 09175047037 identifying the number is yours, then I, or you, can call whichever you prefer, to make an appointment.
    I never answer an unrecognised number for fairly obvious reasons.

    1. sent you a text. my number is 0915 488 1914



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