The deadline for the turnover is fast approaching, and we do not have any leeway. The client and his family is packing up all their belongings in the U.S. and make a final move here to Dumaguete in only 8 weeks. When he arrives , we have to be done. To make sure this happens we are working double time with 2 crews and it is having good effect.

The second floor walls are being constructed from steel studding and hardiplex cement board with the cavity being filled with rockwool insulation. The steel panel roofing has been completed so we are now watertight and can begin doing some of the interior work such as plywood flooring , ceiling framing and tiling.

We are also working on the finishing of the exterior hardiplex wall to propare it for the future paint, as well as getting all the necessary plumbing electrical finished before we close in the ceilings