The cottage has basically been finished and turned over to the client, and now it is time to make the site secure and livable. We start with building a 2.2 meter high chb wall along the public access beach walkway. This involves constructing reinforced concrete columns, then filling in between with concrete hollow block set on an excavated wall footing. Once the block is all in place, then we render and paint.

On the sea side, we are constituting a rip rap sea wall, with steps leading up from the beach, then on top of this, installing a steel picket fence that will not limit the view of the ocean.

At the rear of the lot adjacent to a neighboring house, we are building a half and half wall/fence with the bottom being CHB and the top small “Bacacay” bamboo fastened to steel runners.

Currently we are working on the steel gates while back filling and leveling the lot.