Layout and excavation for column footings

Fabricating the rebar matting for footings and columns

Pouring the footing then forming and pouring the columns with concrete

Getting started on the cement hollow block walls

Preparing the forms for the round columns on the terrace and putting in place reinforcement for beams at the first floor

Getting the floor ready. We back-fill, compact, then lay out our plumbing pipes and electrical conduit tough-in, then put together our 100mm steel rebar floor matting. We then pour the cement slab floor.

Going higher with the CHB and preparing for the first second beams

Beginning the forming and structural reinforcement for the second floor slabs and beams

Floor matting with steel reinforcing bar and running all the plumbing pipes and electriacal conduits on the second floor before the slab is poured.

Laying out the forms and rebar for the stairs and supporting the forms of the second floor slab in preparation for the pour.

Second floor is prepped properly so time to pour the suspended slab

Spreading the back-fill around the outside 0f the house, and now laying hollow block for the second floor walls.